The 6 Most Beautiful Spring Wedding Themes for 2021

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Make your spring wedding extraordinary with these fun and trending spring wedding themes

When you think of spring you think of daffodils, white and pink tree blossom, and baby animals, but spring doesn’t have to be all about pastels and spring blooms, at least not when it comes to theming your wedding.

Holding your wedding in the spring can offer you some beautiful weather, and some of the best temperatures if you’re in a southern state and don’t plan to sweat your way through the ceremony, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose a traditional spring theme.

Modern couples getting married in 2020 and beyond are stepping away from the traditional and choosing something a little more creative that still fits into the season.

What are the trending spring wedding colors for 2020?

The colors below are expected to be this spring season’s most important color trends based on the Fashion Color Trend Report by Pantone. These colors will be hitting the runways across the glove and can be perfect to add a splash of spring inspiration to your wedding day.

Now without further ado, here are the 6 best spring wedding themes for 2020 and beyond.


Our Top 6 Inspiring Spring Wedding Themes

01. Get Tropical

Celebrate the arrival of the warm, sunny weather with a tropical theme. You definitely don’t need to go all-out Caribbean themed, but a delicate tropical theme with exotic plants, large leaves, and a mix of spring yellow and peach tones with flashes of bright, tropical colors looks truly stunning.

Bring these colors together in your table settings with pink or purple cloth napkins and a smaller centerpiece of orchids and a few palm leaves. Accents of gold work beautifully with tropical colors, so try gold-rimmed plates, glasses, and gold flatware, or nestle gold tea lights within the centerpiece.

These Holsey Antique Tealight Candle Holders would work beautifully.

02. Go All-Out Traditional

Stray away from the spring pastels and dive into true traditional wedding colors, such as pure white, ivory, black, red, and pinks. Instead of playing with lots of different colors, stick to just white, black, an accent color, and a metallic shade, and play with textures instead.

Send out embossed gold invitations, and add your own calligraphy, have your guests dress in black tie, and choose traditional elegant flowers for your bouquets. A bouquet made from white roses with some simple greenery as an accent is classy and beautiful.

You can even choose a formal send-off at the end of the night instead of a long after-party – a good excuse to end the party early if you and your soon-to-be husband or wife aren’t all-out party people. And of course, what is a traditional wedding without the bride and groom figurines on top of a white tiered wedding cake?

03. Lean Into Your Fandoms

Did you and your partner first bond while nerding out about Harry Potter? Do you share a love for Lord of the Rings, or Doctor Who? If you and your partner love all things nerdy lean into it and create a playful wedding theme that truly sums up your relationship.

Many couples choose just one theme, but if you love a few different fandoms try embracing a playful theme and use more than one. Use themed bouquets or have an arrangement of balloons instead, get a wedding cake that features your most beloved characters as bride and groom, and hire a superhero-themed photo booth.

The key to playful themes is to keep things classy with clean lines, a central color theme, and high-quality accessories.

04. Spellbinding Garden

A spring wedding just shouts out for flowers and greenery, but you can embrace that without having to stick to traditional spring flowers. 🌺

A spellbinding garden theme works beautifully if you want to create the magic of a bountiful garden. Cover your venue space with romantic flowers such as roses and calla lilies, fake flowers and vines intertwined with string lights (these curtain lights would make beautiful dividers), and use potted house plants for extra foliage and ask guests to take one home at the end of the night. You could even create a flower wall for photo opportunities.

Bring the theme together with botanical patterned linen tablecloths, a floral cake and, most importantly, delicate floral lace covering your wedding gown. The key is to use the flowers as your accents and keep any themed fabrics a very neutral color.

05. Western Boho

Draw inspiration for your wedding from the romance of the old west and combine it with a modern boho look. Use dried wood or pampas grass as a frame for your ceremony, decorate your tables using wildflowers and succulents, and allow guests to take the succulents home at the end of the night as a keepsake.

If you’re on a budget or having a wedding in a barn, antique furniture, mismatched furniture, or even hay bales will work perfectly well within this theme for your seating options for your ceremony and surrounding your dancefloor.

In the evening, if it’s still cool at night, take the party outside to a fire pit or bonfire and roast s’mores with your guests. While this theme isn’t for everyone, it’s one that works well for small, intimate weddings with your nearest and dearest, and for couples that want the whole event to feel relaxed.

06. Go All-Out Champagne

Couples have been choosing a single color for their wedding theme for some time now, with mixed results. One way to do this in the classiest way possible is to use a range of champagne shades, which is the color of celebration and softer and more relaxed than yellow gold.

If the bride is getting married for the second time or is a more mature lady who would prefer not to wear white, champagne is a beautiful color to choose, and also looks beautiful on bridesmaids dresses as well as for the groom’s tie.

Choose flower arrangements in white and green, or with soft peach shades, and accent white table cloths with champagne colored table runners, champagne table cloths for buffet tables, and white and gold tableware.

Closing Thoughts

Whatever theme you choose for your spring wedding, make sure it truly speaks to you and your betrothed. While a theme that looks beautiful in your wedding photography looks great, it’s the memories you create that matter the most.


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