Unique Wedding Dessert Table Ideas for 2020

A dessert table is a great option to satisfy your sweet tooth without spending hundreds on a cake.

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What is a dessert table?

A dessert table is a popular alternative to a wedding cake. If you like variety or are looking to save some money, it’s a great option. Benefits include having a variety of dessert types and flavors available for guests to accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions.

Save money with dessert tables: The total price tag of the table set-up and mixed treats is often much lower than the cost of a wedding cake meant to feed large groups of guests.

Save Your Sanity: If the cake falls, the wedding is ruined. If a few treats or sweets falls, they can easily be removed or replaced.

Practical Beats Pricey: You don’t have to worry about picking up or transporting a large frozen cake. Storing smaller desserts is also easy as they often do not need to be refrigerated.

Totally Customizeable: Guests will be expecting a cake, but be pleasantly surprised by a variety of different options to indulge in!

Top Rated Dessert Tree Towers

See our picks for one wedding dessert table option 

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Jusalpha 4-Tier Square Acrylic Cupcake Tower Stand

  • Holds between 38 – 45 pieces of 3″ cupcake
  • Comes with sturdy removable rod feet for security
  • Made in the U.S.A


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Amalfi Decor 3-Tier Dessert Stand with Reversible Plates

  • Holds 24 standard size cupcakes
  • Hand-crafted steel frame
  • 100% food safe gold paint


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Fashiostorm White Iron Ferris Wheel Cupcake Display

  • Holds 8 cupcakes
  • Rotates full 360 degrees
  • Some assembly is required


How to decorate a wedding dessert table

A collection of quirky, original ideas for presentation 

Wedding dessert table decoration ideas

You’re unique. You’re different. You march to the beat of your own drum, throwing out all conventional thoughts and ideas about marriage and weddings.

Or maybe you just don’t want a wedding cake most guests don’t like or eat anyways! And don’t even start about how difficult is to transport and store such an important part of the big day.

Whatever your reason for wanting to ditch the traditional cake and opt for a unique dessert table setup, you’re in the right place! We’re going to uncover the solution to your problem together below to make your wedding day more stunning and extra special with the perfect wedding dessert table for you.

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Vintage Wedding Wagon Dessert Table

If you wanted to have a vintage themed wedding dessert table, you can convert a vintage wagon into a great serving area for your guests. Decorate your wagon with lanterns and candlesticks to maintain a vintage appeal and provide adequate lighting.

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Stacked Box Wedding Dessert Table

You can place assorted pies and tarts into an exquisite display made of stacked boxes to add a beautiful talking-point to any outdoor or rustic wedding. Make sure to add other elements that compliment your theme such as colorful flowers or desserts!

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Vintage Wine Bottles

Add vintage wine bottles to your dessert table filled with a colorful variety of candies for a fun and vintage look. This will surely boost the cravings of your guests for sweets, and for extra fun turn it into a game, such as a ring toss and make candy the prize.

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Use Flowers & Vases

Flowers are one of those key elements that will help your dessert table look beautiful and refreshing. Adding flowers is one of the easiest ways to decorate dessert tables. Make sure that if you add candles that the flowers and candles will compliment your chosen theme.

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Creative Dessert Menu Signs

Eventually, your guests will want to know what desserts you are going to offer. See to it that you clearly placed your sweets with appropriate signage or place cards. For example, you can write “Chocolate with maple buttercream” and then put it to the right dessert. This will not only serve as a guide, but also as creative decor, so put extra effort into making it look good.

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Green Up Your Dessert Table With Succulents

We love the look of adding greenery to a wedding, and incorporating it into the dessert table is a beautiful choice! Add a pop of color with some succulents, and add even more with blooming varieties!

Take it a step further by matching some napkins to tie the entire look together. Perfect for an outdoor wedding, you can also make each succulent a wedding favor for guests to take home!

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Go Crazy With A Donut Tower

Adding a donut tower to your dessert table is a fun and unique idea that guests will not be expecting. Easy to make and even easier to eat, simply pick up a few dozen of your favorite donuts the morning of the wedding, and have them arranged in any order you like on a cake holder.

To get even more bang for your buck, opt for all donut holes. This will give you a ton of donuts, and completely fill out the cake holder to give your tower an impressive look.

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Chocolate Dipped Churros

We have only one word for this idea – YUM! Purchase and heat up some pre-made frozen churros from the store, or go to your favorite mexican restaurant and order them in bulk.

On the day of your wedding, cut them up, drizzle some chocolate sauce inside plastic shot-glasses, and place each small piece of churro inside. This is an affordable and unique dessert table idea that your guests will love!

If you are feeling adventurous, try different sauces in different shot-glasses for some variety. Our favorites are chocolate, caramel, and sweet-icing.

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Repurpose Ladders For A Rustic Dessert Table

This rustic dessert table idea is super simple to recreate. Either purchase or use two ladders you already own, and place two thick, wide board between them.

What we love about this dessert table idea is that you can control what level each beam is set at. You can also put a ton of mini desserts on this set-up, so it is a perfect choice if you have a lot of guests, or if you know everyone will be coming hungry!

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Rice Crispy Cake Pops

Take yourself back down memory lane with these classic and delicious rice crispy cake pops. Adding these to your dessert table is an easy way to stock up the table without spending serious cash.

Rice crispy treats are super simple to make, and everyone loves them. To have some extra fun, try making different flavor varieties by also using chocolate pebbles, and fruity pebbles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dessert Tables

The most common concerns, addressed

How does a dessert table work at a wedding?

A dessert table is usually accompanied by a smaller cake in the center of the table for the married couple. There will still be a scheduled time for dessert, but it is up to you whether you want to cut the cake or help facilitate the smaller desserts among your guests.

How much does a wedding dessert table cost?

The actual dessert table itself will be relatively cheap. We recommend renting a standard folding table and placing a tablecloth over it that matches your wedding colors. Once the table has been covered, place your dessert table decorations, flowers, candles, and more on top. The majority of costs involved with decorating your table will result from purchasing unique decorations that are special to you and your partner.

How many pieces of mini dessert should each person have at a wedding?

If there is no wedding cake, we recommend planning for 3-4 desserts per person. After a long night of drinking and dancing, your guests will most likely want to eat to replenish their energy and get back on the dancefloor.

How do I decorate a dessert table for a wedding?

Your table layout will look best if your dessert menu includes a variety of bites. If your wedding has a specific theme, try to stick to it and buy sweets that match in color or culture.

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