20 Best Wedding Guest Book Ideas For Creative Couples

Make sure your wedding guest book is something you actually cherish forever, and not let sit in a box in the attic

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Why you need a wedding guest book in 2020

No matter how grand or simple your wedding is, there are still many factors that need to be considered to make your big day more memorable and special. One of the most important items for your wedding is your wedding guest book. Choosing the most unique and stunning wedding day guest book should be one of your top priorities as it will be looked at many times throughout your future to remember special moments you shared with your family and friends.

Most couples that tie the knot use a traditional wedding guest book to collect signatures from their guests because they consider it an important physical memory they can treasure for the rest of their life together. By looking through a wedding guest book, couples are transported back in time to their special day that they cherished with both family and friends.

That being said, a lot of couples and brides-to-be often look for alternatives to the traditional wedding guest books so they can match their own unique taste and style. To give you some ideas for your own creative wedding guest book alternatives, we have also added less predictable options you can choose from to make your wedding an event to remember for both you and your guests.

20 Fun & Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Find inspiration for your guest book station below, and help ensure your guests have a great time, too!

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Thumbprint Tree Wedding Guest Book

This simple wedding guest book is starting to become a more popular trend amongst newlyweds, but still a totally unique and interesting concept. The concept is that you will start with blank, brand tree branches and your special guests will select a color, put down their thumbprints as the leaves, and sign their names or leave a heartfelt message near the trunk of the tree. With this kind of wedding day guest book, individuals will surely be surprised with the countless options available and the finished product will be completely original and unique to your own wedding day.

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Polaroid Wedding Day Guest Book

This is a perfect option to upgrade your traditional photo album with a classic retro feel to take your wedding to the next level. This can be done by placing a simple Polaroid camera on the entry table to your wedding together with colored pens for signatures. As the guests enter, allow them to take some shots of themselves and then sign the photos with a special message of love. An added bonus of following this path is that you will always have a reminder of your guests’ faces on your special day.


Fingerpaint Wedding Day Guest Book

The guests will stamp their fingerprints and help in creating an authentic piece of art, and a memorable moment as well. Simply set up some finger paint for your guests that represent your favorite colors, and a small hand-washing station for when they’re done.

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Signature Only Wedding Day Guestbook Tree

If you are a bit bothered that ink might cause a serious mess for your guests, you can try this unique and convenient wedding day guest book style. This option presents a gorgeous tree drawing with leaves in a predetermined, perfect place. The guests only need to sign their respective names near the leaf and you will have a perfect remembrance of who attended your wedding.


Custom Card Boxes

These stunning boxes can serve as your guest book and can even be customized with your theme or wedding colors. You can make use of decorative ways of storing family members’ and friends contact details. Guests will be asked to give their name, place of residence and other personal information.


Fill In The Blanks

You can certainly have fun with this fill in the blank style wedding day guest book. Once this is completed, you can use this as post wedding souvenir and read all the funny messages that your guests left you.


Mad Lib Cards

Your guests can fill out these wedding mad libs. These are ideal option especially if you have lots of guests that do not know one another. Mad libs can also serve as good ice breakers by means of putting cards on each table and asking the guests to complete the card with the one sitting next to them.


Custom Puzzle

This wedding day guest book is very precious. You can actually create custom puzzle making use of you most favorite photo together in one side and guests will have to write their special messages on the other side.


Wishing Tree

This is an awesome idea of a wedding day guest book that can also become beautiful décor in your wedding reception. Guests can write their wishes in the card and hang these on the tree branches.


River Rocks

Many couples certainly love this idea for their simple or modern wedding guest book. Names and messages can be written on individual stones and can be arranged in a clean basin.


Postcards In A Mailbox

If you are living in an urban city, this option is the best for you because it is convenient and easy to set up. Ask your guests to sign the back of the postcard then drop it down in a cute and easy to see mailbox and you will have the perfect experience to complement your wedding. You can later take these postcards and frame them, laminate them, or simply keep them for future viewing.


Typewriter Wedding Book

If you’re a book lover or literary nerd, this is one of the best options as an alternative to a wedding book. Direct your guests to a typewriter and ask them to write their message of love or words of wisdom to help you on your new journey together. The pages of messages your guests leave you will last a lifetime.

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Polaroid Wedding Book

Since most of your guests love to take selfies, why not have your guests take some fun selfies and paste them into the book and allow them to sign it for you along with their picture. This way, you have assurance that you will remember all the faces of your guest who shared the most important day of your life with you.

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Guitar Signature Wedding Book

If both of you love music, buying a guitar or another musical instrument for your guests to sign is the perfect alternative wedding guest book. Since this item has lots of open surface area for your guest to write their own messages, this will guarantee that it will serve as your perfect choice. For more fun, bring out your guitar in the future at family get-togethers and reminisce about your wedding day.



Framed Window Wedding Guest Book

Let your guests write down what they see for your new future together on a framed glass window that you can later hang in your home or place elsewhere as an eye-catching art piece. This unique guest book alternative is great for outdoor weddings or celebrations with a rustic theme. For added fun, add some finger paint for your guests to draw and add a splash of color to their signatures.

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Atlas Map With Callouts

If both of you love to travel and explore different places all over the world, then this is the best idea for you. You can allow your guest to sign the pages of the book that they are from, where they traveled from, highlights the cities you traveled to, and other destinations that both of you want to go.

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Game Board Guest Book

Most people love a good board game (unless it’s Monopoly, then you can get murdered) and if you are among the couples who love games, this is pretty much the best idea for you. Every time you bring out your board game to play you will always remember your special day.

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Wino Wine Theme Guest Book

This is a great wedding sign in book alternative you can choose for your special day. Your guest can write their names on the bottle with a sharpie pen specifically created for writing on glass, then after some years, you can now pop the cork then drink and celebrate your wedding anniversary. You can also keep the bottle in your wine rack or on the shelf in your home.

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Wooden Swing Guest Book

Allow your guest to write their best wishes on your wooden swing. Through this way, you have the sweetest way to bring your memories about your special day as you move into your new house and set up the swing for your future family.

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Globe Of The World Guestbook

This is one of the unique wedding guest book alternatives where your guest can leave their message and at the same time suggest a new place for you to travel together for your honeymoon. This alternative can also help decorate your new home after your wedding day.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what kind of wedding book alternatives to choose from. What are your favorite alternative wedding guest book ideas? Tell us in the comment section below!

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