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The Best Ways to Buy a Wedding Dress Online

Buying a wedding dress is always a challenge; even if you have a big budget you’ve got to travel to stores, climb in and out of dresses, and try to keep a straight face when they tell you the four- or five-figure number of the dress you’re wearing.

Sure, those dresses are stunning, there’s no denying that a designer wedding dress isn’t something to be admired. But what if you don’t want all the fanfare? What if you’d rather just order your wedding dress online like you do all your other clothes? 

Well, you can! If you would rather relax at home and find the perfect dress on your own, without the pressure of sales assistants and your friends telling you how stunning you look in the one that’s a lot more than your budget, simply order a dress you love online at a great price.

The 6 Best Wedding Dress Websites

Find beautifully-made yet affordable wedding dresses online that guests would never guess are under $500!

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Doris Wedding

Don’t let the name fool you, the dresses on this site are certainly not for your grandmother! Dorris Wedding offers wedding dresses in all styles, as well as bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses, flower girl dresses, and other formal gowns.

$150 – $200*

*As of November, 2020

About Doris Wedding

They make it easy to find the perfect style of dress you know suits you, by filtering by silhouette, length, theme (beach, country, vintage, etc.), fabric, size, collection, and more. They even offer maternity wedding dresses, which can be a real challenge to find.

Many of the dresses on the site are incredibly well-reviewed and nearly all the dresses cost between $150 – $200, which is less than a tenth of the price you’re likely to pay elsewhere!

Dorris Wedding makes it possible to find any style of modern or traditional wedding dress you’ve been eying on Pinterest or tried on in a store for a fraction of the price.

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Eric Dress offers a whole lot more than just formal dresses, but if you’re looking for a wedding dress that is a little more casual or a step away from the traditional white princess dress, Eric Dress is most definitely worth a browse.

$30- $70*

*As of November, 2020


On their site you’ll find full-length beaded dresses, white tailored dresses, romantic lace dresses, colorful dresses, it’s pretty incredible all the choice they have and most of the dresses are between $30 and $70. Don’t be surprised if you end up ordering more than one dress, but at that price, why not do a few wardrobe changes?

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Simple Dress

If you’re looking to find the perfect dress in the $150 – $300 range, this site is amazing. You’ll find lace dresses in every size and style, dresses with tasteful touches of color you never see in bridal stores, elegant and simple dresses, embellished – whatever you want they’ve got it, and your guests will never know you didn’t spend a few thousand on your dress.

$150- $300*

*As of November, 2020

About Simple Dress

Many of their dresses are made-to-measure, meaning you’ll get a dress that is completely custom for your body. Tailoring time typically takes 7-10 days and delivery time is another 3-8 days, but that’s incredibly fast for an affordable, tailored wedding dress.

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TBDress is another option with dresses typically in the $130 – $200 range, but you would never be able to tell. Their dresses are truly beautiful and they have a lot of unique styles, such as two-piece dresses, mermaid, embellished, split front, and more. If you’re looking for a beach wedding dress, this is a great place to look.

$130- $200*

*As of November, 2020


Their dresses aren’t custom, but they do come in a wide range of sizes and at that price point, you could certainly afford to pay a seamstress to make a few extra tweaks so it fits your shape perfectly. Shipping can take as long as a month (maximum), so it’s a good idea to order your dress early so you have time to get any adjustments done before the big day.

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Do you remember the 2008 romcom 27 Dresses? Well, if you too are about to be the bride after being a bridesmaid for all your friends, 27Dress is a great online store to check out. They have a huge range of wedding dresses for all budgets (from as little as $160 up to over $1,000) but specialize in attention-grabbing luxury dresses. If you want to be dripping in crystals, this is the site for you.

$160- $1,000*

*As of November, 2020

About 27Dress

These dresses are not at all tacky, despite all the luxury touches, and many of the wedding dresses have (great) reviews you can read through to see how they’ve suited other women.

These dresses are made-to-order, so expect them to take 16 days unless you pay for a rush order, in which case the tailoring time is reduced to 12 days. They ship to over 200 countries worldwide and can be delivered in as little as 2 weeks, though are typically closer to a month.

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While Dresslily doesn’t offer traditional wedding dresses, they offer a lot of unique dresses and less formal pieces that may be preferable to the classic full-length white dress most brides wear.

$15- $40*

*As of November, 2020

About Dresslily

If your wedding is going to have a vintage, gothic, steampunk, or country theme, this site has a lot to offer. While you will find full-length gowns and plenty of lace, they’re much more suitable for a small, relaxed wedding.

It’s not easy to find gothic wedding dresses online, or anything else that steps away from the norm, so if you think that walking down the aisle in white just isn’t for you, browse through Dresslily’s site and find a few dresses you like. Most dresses cost $15-$40, so you can most definitely order a few different things to see what you like best.

And, if you don’t like gothic styles, don’t be put off when you start browsing through their dresses as there are some beautiful full-length backless dresses and vintage styles that would work perfectly for any relaxed or intimate wedding.

Closing Thoughts

All these sites are great options and many include customer reviews to help you decide on which dress is right for you. If you’re nervous about buying from a new site it’s also worth browsing through Amazon at their wedding dresses, as many similar designers use the site to sell fully tailored dresses, and you’ll get the protections Amazon offers.


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