Most Popular Types Of Wedding Flowers

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What Are Popular Flowers for Weddings?

If you’re not a flower or gardening aficionado and don’t have a flower that’s special to you as a couple, picking your wedding flowers can feel a bit… well, random. And nothing about your wedding should be random, right?

It definitely doesn’t need to be – we’re going to guide you through the most popular wedding flowers for 2020 so you can pick the flowers that resonate most with you and your wedding’s theme.

Before we dive into the most popular wedding flowers in 2020, let’s cover some of the most common questions we hear about wedding flowers so you’re best equipped to choose your flowers.

Finding Flowers & Florists for Your Wedding

A wedding doesn’t feel complete without flowers, and lots of them. The flowers for your wedding are completely up to you, of course, and if it is a small wedding you don’t need to break the bank on flowers.  Find a color you love and a flower that makes you happy. There are so many options for flowers that it can get overwhelming. Think of the three most important things: how much can you spend, what colors do you want, and what style are you going for (formal/informal). If you can answer these three then you will be able to limit the options and find exactly what you’re looking for. Then go to a couple local places and check online to see what options are best suited for you.

How many flowers are typically in a bridal bouquet?

How many flowers you include in your bridal bouquet depends on how big you want your bouquet and whether or not you want a pure (one species of flower only) or a mixed bouquet.

If you choose a pure bouquet with a large flower, like hydrangeas, just 2-3 stems will be sufficient for a small bouquet, 4-5 for a medium-sized one, and 6-8 for a large one. For smaller flowers, like garden roses and peonies, you’ll need to double these numbers. For small roses, you’ll need as many as 20 stems to make a large bouquet, so ask your florist to guide you.

You’ll also consider if you want to throw your bouquet. If so, you may need to choose lighter flowers or flowers with strong stems, or, alternatively, have a secondary bouquet for after the ceremony.

How much should you spend on wedding flowers?

“Should” is a relative term, so it really depends on the size of your wedding, the location of your wedding, your theme, and your overall budget. In a survey of thousands of recently married couples, Wedding Wire found that the average spend on flowers was $1,500, with most spending $700 – $2,500.

If you’re getting married in your small hometown in Texas, your flowers will almost certainly cost less than the same wedding would in Los Angeles. In fact, Los Angeles wedding planner Tessa Lyn Brand told Brides that most of her clients spend between $6,000 and $11,000, which is significantly higher than the averages reported by Wedding Wire.

What flowers are normally used for weddings?

We’ll take deeper look at the most popular flowers for weddings in 2020, but here’s a quick list of just some of the flowers that are commonly seen in wedding floral arrangements, what colors they come in, and whether they’re a centrepiece or accent flower. If you’re looking for something unusual to mix into your bouquet, there are some beautiful accent flowers listed below.

01. Delphinium

Accent flower in blue, white, and peach

02. Hyacinth

Centerpiece flower in blue, pink, green, white, peach, pastel yellow

03. Hydrangea

Centerpiece flower in blue/purple, pink, white, and green

04. Muscari

Accent flower in blue, purple, and white

05. Orchid

Centerpiece flower, available in many varieties and colors

06. Pansy

Accent flower, unless a small bouquet, comes in many colors

07. Rose

Centerpiece flower, traditionally in shades of red, pink, and yellow

08. Snapdragon

Centerpiece flower, red, orange, yellow, white, and pink

When should you book a florist for your wedding?

Ideally, book your florist as soon as you have confirmed your venue. Most couples try to secure their florist approximately 6 months before the big day.

Who pays for wedding flowers?

Traditionally, the bride and her family pay for the floral arrangements for the ceremony and reception, plus the corsages and/or bouquets for the bridal party.

The groom and his family pay for the bride’s bouquet, boutonnieres (small flower arrangements for suit jackets) for the groom’s party, and corsages for the mothers and grandmothers of both parties.


The wait is over, let’s take a look at six of the most popular wedding flowers for this year

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Peony Flowers

Why are peony flowers popular for weddings?

Peonies have beautiful feather-like flowers and open from tight, round buds that look equally beautiful. Their centers are bright yellow – though often only peek out from beneath the petals – and their dark green leaves and stems set off the romantic flowers. Traditionally, they’re red, pink, or white, but you can also find them in shades of coral and yellow.

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Why are roses popular for weddings?

Roses are a classic for a reason – they’re a beautiful symbol of love and there are many different species to choose from to suit your wedding’s theme, whether you’re going for something modern and elegant or bohemian and romantic. They look beautiful as a pure bouquet or mixed with delicate white accident flowers.

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Why are gardenias a popular choice for weddings?

Gardenias are particularly popular in the south, though are originally native to Japan and other areas of Southern Asia. While gardenias have a soft, romantic appearance, they represent elegance and grace, and are very versatile due to their size. If you’re looking for a beautiful white bloom, look to gardenias.

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Why are hydrangeas popular wedding flowers?

Hydrangeas offer a lot of color and body to a bouquet, since the blooms are so large. While they can feel a little large and bulky in bouquets and in the middle of table arrangements, they are perfect for adding color to your ceremony without the need for hundreds of stems. They are particularly popular in 2020 for brides looking for sky blue shades.

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What are ranunculus flowers and why are they popular?

While the name of this flower may be unfamiliar to you now, it won’t be for long. Ranunculi are rose-like flowers with dense petals and light green stems. Their dense petals lend themselves perfectly to a bouquet and look beautiful when accented with finer flowers and leaves. They look beautiful in any season and come in a range of romantic colors.

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Calla Lillies

Why are calla lilies popular wedding flowers?

Calla Lilies are extremely elegant, and work well in minimalist bouquets as well as large mixed arrangements, thanks to their elongated shape. Calla Lilies come in a wide range of colors, from dark pinks and purples to light yellows and white, so they work well for both modern and traditional elegant wedding themes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Flowers

Should I Buy Wedding Flowers Online

We love local florists and supporting small flower businesses. They are down to earth, and will do everything they can to make sure you’re happy about the arrangements. They also have fresh flowers, and wont send you off with something that will die before the wedding. Unfortunately, due to covid lots of flower shops have had to close down, so if your local one is still open then see what they have to offer and if it fits your style. These shops can give you the most accurate pricing because they know exactly what you want.

Online is great too! They have a large selection of options, and you can find almost anything. If online is the best option for you then definitely go for it. They usually have nice bundles and all the prices are posted for you to see. However, the prices posted may change depending on what you need for your wedding. It is easy and accessible, and they also are going to offer you the best they can do. Depending on where you get them you really only have to worry about the quality of the flowers because you haven’t seen them in person. Most places are good about that because they know how delicate flowers are. Online is perfect to brose if you have no idea where to start.


What is the average cost of Wedding Flowers?

A bridal bouquet can be from $40-200, and that is just for the bride. Flowers are not cheap, and anyone who has worked with flowers can tell you why. You’re paying for the good quality, and the care of them. Most places have prices for bundles based on the guest size and how many people in the wedding party need flowers. They can rage from $40 for a single bouquet to over $1000 for the whole set up. In general couples will spend between $700 – 2500 in flowers alone. Flowers are beautiful and absolutely worth the money, but you should be cautious of how much you’re willing to spend. 


Should I DIY my Wedding Flowers?

Yes!! If you are crafty and know that you can make something beautiful that you’ll love then go for it. You might save some money by doing it yourself, and you’ll feel good about what you have accomplished. However, this is a big commitment and you’re going to be very busy with planning and shopping. Do it if you can, but be prepared in case things get too difficult. If you have family willing to help this is a task im sure they’d be willing to take on for you.


How to DIY Wedding Flowers.

You should start with choosing the right flowers for your wedding, and then consider the strength of the stems. You may need some practice so you don’t break the stems, but once you get through that the rest is up to you. You ideally want to wrap the stems in something so that they don’t move around and keep their shape while being carried. For table arrangement you will have to get a little more creative, but vases are always stunning and you can go for a floating flower look.

What Flowers Do I Need for my Wedding?

This is up to you and the type of wedding you are going for. You will need a bride bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and boutonnieres. That will cover the wedding party. From there you have a little more freedom on what you want. Usually the mothers and grandmothers of the couple get corsages. You may also want to consider table arrangements which are a really big part of how the overall wedding looks. If you want a flower arch then get the flower arch. They’re stunning and take amazing pictures, but that’s all up to you to decide.

Where to Find the Best Wedding Flowers Online

Finding flowers online is easier than ever. Luckily, due to covid, many flower companies have had to up their websites to keep up. This means everything you could dream of they have found a way to offer it to you online. If you’re looking for more rare flowers that you local shop may not have then online will be the perfect place for you. It is easy and if you’re on a time crunch then online way be the best option for you, and you’re  more likely to find a sale with the online sites.

Bouquets and Arrangements

Real flowers for all of your wedding needs


Fresh Flowers for Delivery

The Perfect Gift and Flower Delivery, Whether It’s a Special Day or Any Day

About ProFlowers

Fresh beautiful flowers that can be shipped anywhere in the US. We love them because they use local florists to craft their work, and they have their own flower field to ensure freshness. They have the best delivers to make sure your flowers are getting to the right place safely. 


Bouquets- $50-200
Wedding gifts: $50-100


World’s Favorite Florist!

There’s no better place to order flowers online than 1-800-Flowers

About 1-800 Flowers

1-800 Flowers is one of the most well known flower shops, and they give the best results. They make sure you get what you need, and they genuinely want to make you have the best experience possible. They have a local florist referral service that they will set you up with so you will get to work with a consultant on your pieces.


Bouquets: From $50
Corsage: From $20
Centerpiece: From $65
Flower Girl Basket: From $25

Local Florists

Find Flowers near You

The Flower Shop

Flowers are our only business.

Full service florist that specializes in amazing custom wedding designs.

About The Flower Shop

This is the most in person online shop you can find. They have consultations so you can tell them exactly what you want, and they will give you the price from there. They have some prices up as a general, but they build it based on what you want.


CORSAGE –   $ 25.00 AND UP

DIY Flowers

Build custom arrangements and styles to fit you.


Craft Your Own Flower Designs

Floral decoration and crafts to add natural beauty to any space.

About Michaels

Micheals is the iconic craft store you know and love. They have all types of things that can be used to do DIY flowers. Any supplies you’ll need for making an arrangement will be at michaels. Everything except for the flowers, unless you’re looking for fake flowers. This is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for some inspiration to hit.


Some perfect ways to DIY flower arrangements is to get a pretty box that matches your wedding colors, get some green mesh foam, and some fake flowers. Put the foam into the box and stick those flowers right in and make the style you love. You can also do this with real flowers, or a mix of both. Make sure you stuff it with flowers so you can’t see the green foam underneath.

You can also buy lace at Micheals and use that to wrap bouquets to keep them together.


Bouquet: From $7.99
Boutonnieres and Corsages: From $7.49
DIY Arrangements: From $1 to $20+ per flower
Closing Thoughts

Why you should consider these flowers

These flowers are a great starting point to look for inspiration and to open discussions with your florist. Try to be open to their suggestions but remember it’s your wedding, so choose the flowers you most fall in love with!

Wedding flowers are stunning and make the place look like it’s already filled with love. Flowers can be expensive, but you have a huge selection of options and you don’t need everything. If price is a problem you absolutely can DIY, and honestly no one will notice. Whether you use a local florist or an online shop, maybe try both and see which one will give you the best arrangements. There are lots of things that need to be considered for flowers, and hopefully you found what you needed here.

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