So, you want to express your gratitude to your wedding guests for being part of one of the most memorable and special days of your life, but where to start? There are a lot of ways to say thanks to them, but one of the most common ways is by giving whats called a “wedding favor”. Wedding favors originally started as a passing of good luck from the lucky couple to their guests. Nowadays, favors are handed out as mementos of the occasion so guests have something to remember the day by. That being said, the majority of wedding favors are quite lame, so we tried to wrangle up some interesting ideas for you to try that your guests won’t hate. So don’t stress – to help you decide, here are some of the best wedding favor ideas that will surely impress your guests.

Custom Fortune Cookies

Personalize fortune cookies for your wedding. You can purchase in bulk and remove the old ones, replacing them with a mix of your messages for them.

Tasty Treats will Surely be Loved

One of the best wedding party favors you can give your guests are tasty candies and treats. Present then at an adorable self-service booth so that everyone can just grab exactly what they like.

Candles are Everything

These are among the most popular wedding favors you can consider. You can make your own candle in a wonderful touch and adding a scent with a significance to you and your spouse.

Customized Flash Drive

Send your guests with memories that will surely play on forever by giving them a personalized flash drive with your own playlist or favorite photos with them.

Cute Simple Succulents

When looking for an eco-friendly wedding favor, simple succulents are perfect gift items to give after your big day. You can attach the name of your guest to the vessel to make it more personalized.

Miniature Pies

These are really cool wedding favors to give your guests. Give a sweet parting gift with a miniature pie to your guests. You can add a disposable fork with their name on it and let your visitors dig in on their way home.

Bud Vase

Appealing, modern bud vases can be created with the use of clear glass test tubes and small wooden blocks. You can add small flowers to every vase, put their name on it and you have just take care of your wedding favors and wonderful table decorations in just one shot.


This is one of the best wedding favor ideas that is so easy and simple to make. It is affordable and open for customization from the additions and scents you use. You can also choose a unique wrap that will be adored by your guests.

Personalized Matchbox

Who would ever have thought you could also use a matchbox for a wedding favor? Well, this is actually a wedding favor tradition that is starting to come back into style. You can design the box to remember your special stay while staying within your budget.

Antique Keys

Your guests have unlocked your heart by being part of your most memorable and special day. Surprise your wedding guests with stunning antique keys they can keep for the rest of their life.

Choose from any of these impressive wedding favors and make your guests feel you appreciate their presence during your wedding day.